Are you in Love?

love conquers all

Shared by Aisha Ifran

Is love overrated? Maybe. Why? Well, when every single person is claiming to be deeply, madly in love you have to take their word for it, don’t you? But are they actually in love or with the idea of being in love? Probably this isn’t making sense but being in love and thinking that you are in love are two different things.

If somebody tells you they get butterflies in their stomach if they hear their loved-one’s voice or have physical contact with them, then believe me I get flutters in my stomach when I see pizza sitting in front of me, with a double serving of that deliciously molten, dripping cheese. See are you even getting that feeling don’t you think? So the point is that butterflies don’t or can’t decide if you are in love.

What if they tell you that they day-dream and think about them the whole time they aren’t with them? This is not a good enough excuse too because nerds are day-dreaming about Oxford University the whole time, practically their whole teenage so are they in love with a mere university?

Then do you let the length of any relationship decide if its love or not? I guess not. I have been with the building of my school for two years and believe me, I loathe it. I hate it with all my heart and soul. It is too congested and dull and dreary and bleh! If it was a person people would go on commenting how you develop feelings for them by staying with them but how can you? I have never felt attached to any stupid building, or clothes or pair of shoes while I’m spending so much time with them as compared to a human being.

Then how do you know that you are IN love? When you are so focused in remembering the curve of their lips on yours and staring in their steamy, twinkling, deep eyes that you forget to notice their caste or colour. When you don’t need to tell each other how you feel about them cause your eyes are stating it blatantly. When though everyone reminds you that you guys are not good enough for each other but you forget to give a f*** about what people think. When it feels so right that there is not enough space for doubts between you two. When everything is not so easy yet, the two of you together have an unbreakable bond. That, my friend, is when YOU ARE IN LOVE.

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