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Do you have a problem or dilemma in your relationship or potential relationship? Do you need help dating? Or maybe you have a simple question about the opposite (or same, we’re not biased) sex.

Consulting a dating expert can be expensive. And even if you had the money, who do you know to trust? How do you tell if an expert is really an expert?

Talking to friends and family is usually an easy way to approach your problems, but sometimes they can be biased based on their own experiences or maybe they’re just not that good at dating themselves.

We believe that there are no right  and wrong answers when it comes to love.

What we do believe is that if you get enough answers, you’re bound to get opinions and/or advice that can help you.

And hey, while one person might give you bad advice, we believe there’s gotta be some truth in majority opinion.

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If you’re a dating expert, we believe this is a good platform to get your name out there! If you consistently provide great advice, readers will notice. We’ll notice too 😉

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