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It’s time for a check up


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” When it comes to going to see the doctor, what kind of person are you? Some people go see the doctor every time they sneeze. Others go… Continue reading

You Must have been awesome


Shared by Ufuomaee ” You must have been awesome. Of all the men I’ve ever known, It was you I gave my heart to… Now my heart is the most precious Of all… Continue reading

What happens when you don’t cater to your man?


Shared by Amber ” I have a question Ladies & Gents… What happens when you don’t cater to your man? Recently, I’ve been battling with my personal views and the views of others. Wondering… Continue reading

Conversation: From the Beginning to the End


Shared by Nina Rubin ” Most people are quick to start relationships when they meet someone with potential. We hang on to every word like precious helium balloons: we are enamored and interested in… Continue reading

Just along for the ride


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” A buddy of mine recently sent me a pretty interesting article on relationships. The article talks about a study of couples that was done where they looked for a… Continue reading

How His Moodiness Pushed Me Away


Shared by Nina Rubin ” “Song-writing is therapy for me. I’m a very moody person, very difficult to live with. There’s a lot going on and a lot of contradictions. My life is always… Continue reading

You are not alone


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” The focus of my writing is relationships (specifically long term relationships), and the trials and tribulations they can run into. As my thoughts on relationships have evolved… Continue reading

Where you’ll find those memories


Shared by timelessneek ” Sometimes there will be moments when you come across a certain place and it takes your breathe away. Not because the place is particularly beautiful or stands out, but… Continue reading

Relationships and Possession


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” I read a fair number of relationship articles and blogs, and one thing that I see again and again is that women don’t like it when men… Continue reading

Accepting influence


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” When it comes to relationships, there are many do’s and don’ts. Some are obvious, such as be kind to your partner and show them affection, or don’t… Continue reading

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