9 Signs that She’s the One


1. She’s open to your signs of weakness.
Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean that you always have to suck it up. I mean, I’m not talking about whiny people who complain and grumble about everything. I’m talking about cases when work is really draining you out or you’re simply feeling down. She doesn’t expect you to be a Superman, but instead lends you her shoulder to rest on. She encourages you and stands by you even in times of difficulty.

2. She’s willing to improve.
She knows that she’s not perfect and is willing to make improvement where it’s necessary. She’s not stubborn to her ways, and knows when to apologize for her mistakes. She’s wise to accept her areas of growth, which makes her even a more mature and wiser person than when you first met her.

3. She accepts you for who you are.
She doesn’t expect you to meet all her needs or fit into her cookie-cutter image of an ideal boyfriend, nor does she start every sentence with, “My friend’s boyfriend bought her a Tiffany necklace just show her that he loves her.” She appreciates your effort and knows how to show it. She’s proud of who you are and always beams with love when she talks about you.

4. You guys have gone on a trip together, and you actually enjoyed it.
Spending a whole day with someone might be enjoyable, but spending a full week with someone can be less than comfortable. Being in a foreign place where you don’t know how to get anywhere can be exhausting, but if she manages to hold the nagging and complaining and instead enjoys the little bits of adventure with you, she might be someone who can go down the unpredictable life path with you.

5. She’s with you for your heart not for your state of materialistic conditions.
I know it’s not easy to determine if she’s in it for the sake of love or for the sake of your title. However it’s something you have to determine early on. Would she be with you if you didn’t have your title or money? If she has gone through difficult times with you, and is still beside you, she’s definitely a keeper.

6. She’s compassionate.
She values family, friends, her career, your dream, and people around her. She recognizes sadness and the unfortunate, and you can see that her heart goes out to where it needs comfort. She knows how to empathize with people, and she doesn’t turn away from sadness but rather copes with it.

7. She trusts you.
By trusting you, she puts a sense of responsibility in your life. Men often do better when they’re trusted to do good, so by having someone there to support you with trust, understanding, and encouragements, you can even surpass your limitations as a man.

8. She expresses her emotions.
She smiles when she’s happy, frowns when she’s mad, and cries when she’s sad. People who are comfortable with showing their emotions are readily more acceptable towards other people’s feelings too. People who are dry with their sentiments often keep wanting more, more, more from others to fulfill their emotional needs.

9. She is in front of you.
The best woman is the one in front of you. Of course, she’s not perfect. In fact, she makes mistakes everyday, she calls you mean names when you fight, and her car is messy to the point where you didn’t think was possible. But she calls you in the middle of the night to tell you that she misses you, she laughs (and even cries a little) when you tell a joke, she hugs you so tight, and she hates saying goodbye even when you two are going to meet again tomorrow morning. If she loves you, and you can feel it, she is the one.

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