You Must have been awesome

a matter of trust

Shared by Ufuomaee

You must have been awesome.

Of all the men I’ve ever known,
It was you I gave my heart to…
Now my heart is the most precious
Of all the things I own.
It means a lot that I gave it to you…

You must have been awesome.
With you, I walked down the aisle,
Entrusting my future into your hands…
To you, I pledged the rest of my life,
To give the best of me, without guile.
I gave up my way, to follow your plans…

You must have been awesome.
I know I was not a fool,
For I’d learnt a lot in life about love…
My heart had been broken,
I’d been abused, used like a tool.
I knew it wouldn’t be easy; it would be tough…

You must have been awesome.
Though I can’t remember now how.
Sometimes, it’s like I don’t know you…
I wonder if maybe you changed,
For our love, once sweet, tastes sour.
I wonder, at times, if you feel it too…

You must have been awesome.
Though it’s hard, I must believe it…
They say to doubt and to drift
Is as to marriage, what pain is to gain.
When I’m ill, I can’t recall how it feels to be fit,
So I won’t give up, but work to mend this rift!

I know you are awesome!
By faith I believe, and by grace I shall receive.
I know this too shall pass…
It won’t be as before, but much better!
I’m trusting in God, in Whom our joy was conceived.
Our love will grow, it will surely last…

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