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Utterly Devastated: I Gave It Every Fiber In My Being


Shared by: towch ” I do feel that i now have to explain why i broke up with my now maybe ex, we need to talk. So the break up originated from an… Continue reading

Who Should I Trust?


Shared by kitsune. “ I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year now. He is actually my best friend’s brother. Recently, they had been having some family… Continue reading

Heartbeat: A Soulmate Gone


Shared by Icarus. ” I met a guy who seemed perfect in every way. He shared my love of all things geekery and nerdy right down to the glasses and OS preferences. We… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Cat and Mouse


Shared by sophomore. ” I’m a sophomore in a small college. There’s this guy that goes to the same school as me and he’s been following me around for a while. He asked me… Continue reading

Heartbeat: What Do We Call This


Shared by Shakira. ” I’ve known you long enough to know your insecurites and your flaws. I’ve always ben trying to get your attention and now that you say i have it i… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Lost Love


Shared by mira65. ” I have loved and lost that love. Why? No it was not because of him, it was because of me. My own mental state did not allow me to… Continue reading

Heartbeat: The Homecoming That Never Was


Shared by Hayden Maxine. ” Years have passed, and we go back and forth, not knowing whether we have feelings for each other or not. There is something there, I can tell, I… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Should I Tell You?


Shared by theconstantstar. ” I remember how it went down that afternoon. I remember how your eyes were full of wonder and curiosity. I remember me breaking. I remember it, perhaps all too… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Only His


Shared by shaunah. ” I remember the moment that I met him, we didnt talk much at first..but since then, we haven’t stopped. You see, my friend had set us up. They worked together… Continue reading

Heartbeat: What’s Mine is Mine


Shared by Drèa Lahrow ” To know my husband is to love him. His smile is bright, his eyes brighter. He’s the very definition of a gentle giant. He makes me laugh. He’s taught… Continue reading

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