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Building Closeness and Intimacy


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 “ For anyone who has read my site, you know I believe very strongly in love and in long term relationships. I also believe they naturally go through… Continue reading

Blessed Through the Greatness of Love


Shared by Janessa. “ I was in a time of my life where everything was day to day. It had to be day-to-day because if it wasn’t I would have gone crazy with the… Continue reading

Haunted by the Ghost


Shared by Jessi Miller. “ Sometimes we meet people in our lives that in all reality change our worlds forever. I like to call them ghosts. Those ghosts are sometimes our mistakes of choices,… Continue reading

I Love You


Shared by Mo. “ This title is my confession but based on my profession it is customary for me to say it again Now and then and forever I speak these words as an… Continue reading

My First Date


Shared by Miss Wooable. “ I contemplate telling the taxi driver to turn around but wind down the window and take a few breaths instead. ‘Be sensible,’ I tell myself, but it doesn’t… Continue reading

 Stop Sending Unsolicited D**K Pics


Shared by our awesome Featured Writer, One Gentleman. ” I believe people have a little margin of error to get away with things, when they do not know any better. However, the moment you know… Continue reading

I Wish I Had (An Unsent Message to Her)


Shared by Diana Marcos. “ I am not the type of girl whom every guy falls in love with, nor someone they would love at first sight. When I say that I cannot be… Continue reading

The Soldier


Shared by Abriami. “ Wailing sirens and the burning smell of flesh kept him awake. A million thoughts drifted into his mind, a million reasons why he just had to pull through. But they… Continue reading



Shared by Anon “ You still haunt me I can’t remember the last time we held hands, the last kiss we shared or even the last time you made me laugh, because you… Continue reading

The Love of a Good Woman


Shared by our popular Featured Writer, Katie Wilhelm. ” The love of a good woman: sacred and beautiful. Like blossoming tulips, an endless field of forget-me-nots. Melted pools of blue shining into your soul.… Continue reading

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