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Let’s Talk about Sex (Part 1)


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 “ Sex is often THE big elephant in the room when it comes to long term relationships. It’s something that is in reality a very small part of… Continue reading

All Roads Lead Back To You


Shared by noraroars. “ All Roads Lead Back To You It’s a malicious truth I tell myself how I know that reaching out to you is more of a heartache than to just think… Continue reading

Beautifully Unfinished…


Shared by Aisha Irfan. “ He didn’t believe in love. But just like any other day he had come across a girl as she walked through those gates and except a few furtive glances… Continue reading

When Love Means Pain


Shared by Diana Marcos. “ Sometimes how you see a person is different from how another person sees him…and what’s worse is, sometimes that person isn’t who you think he really is even when… Continue reading

Trying Tinder


Shared by Miss Wooable. “ What surprises me most about Tinder is the sheer volume of users. It’s an endless stream of singles (and some not so single) looking for…well sometimes it’s hard… Continue reading

My Heart Walked In


Shared by AmazinglyBrash. “ You should be with a man that Loves you the way you Love him. You should Love a man that won’t allow you to get over, but tries to give… Continue reading

How Long to Wait before Having Sex?


Shared by our awesome Featured Writer, One Gentleman. ” DUN-DUN-DUUUUN! The topic of sex is as old as humanity. I mean, you would not be reading this post, if body exploration sessions did not occur… Continue reading

The Question to my Answer


Shared by Yingiex “ Today was a good day. I had a blast at a party. I met some great people. We also had this game, where people were given cards with either a… Continue reading

The Heart Still Beats


Shared by lanthanumentertainment “ I’m just a normal guy who seems to have always been on the bad side of luck when it comes to love. I always seem to fall for someone who… Continue reading

Starry Image in Hindsight


Shared by imperfectant. “ I wish I appreciated being loved. Wait, I did. What I needed it to do was make the most of it. I wish I held his hands with my nimble… Continue reading

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