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I Used to Love Her… I Still Do


Shared by Gorilla with a broken heart . “ I am not a writer, I am a gorilla, so I apologize in advance. I am broken. Impossible to put back together. Her smile lit… Continue reading



Shared by noraroars. “ The most beautiful smile I saw has been pasted on skin more tan than mine own, next to the roughness of his chin. Followed by chapped lips soaking against mine.… Continue reading

A Fear of Falling


Shared by Nathan Lindsay. “ I still remember the first day I saw her paired with her new car. The accentuated tones of owner and vehicle cascading an aura that blanketed her frame beneath… Continue reading

No Regrets


Shared by Diana Marcos. “ My life before you was very much different than how it is now that you are with me. I had never needed anyone in my life. I had always… Continue reading

How to Screen an Online Date


Shared by Miss Wooable. “ So after two not-so-great dates I’m determined to make the third a success. When I ask a friend (who is an experienced online dater) what I’m doing wrong,… Continue reading

A Wish for Him


Shared by Dragon Stout. “ I am happy. I know what it feels like to be sad. I have been to the deepest depth of a sorrowful existence and lingered there for much too… Continue reading

Why Do You Remain Faithful?


Shared by our awesome Featured Writer, One Gentleman. ” It says quite a bit about the state of humanity, when people receive gold stars for remaining faithful in their relationships, as children do for accomplishing… Continue reading

The Breakup Celebration


Shared by swatinakshatra1. “ “How can you joke? Now, really? When I am so much sad.” My voice raised a bit over cell. After all, it was a long distance call! “That is no… Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Sex (Part 2)


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 “ My last entry talked about sex and the benefits it has for relationships. A common problem couples run into is differing sex drives, which fluctuate over time.… Continue reading

Glamour Nation


Shared by Robin. “ Get Back Up! Aug 27 Dear Ladies, The ground is a hard place to lay down for the Living! Life’s Trials, Challenges, and Obstacles are all ordained. The million dollar… Continue reading

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