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What happens when you don’t cater to your man?


Shared by Amber ” I have a question Ladies & Gents… What happens when you don’t cater to your man? Recently, I’ve been battling with my personal views and the views of others. Wondering… Continue reading

Where you’ll find those memories


Shared by timelessneek ” Sometimes there will be moments when you come across a certain place and it takes your breathe away. Not because the place is particularly beautiful or stands out, but… Continue reading

Presence vs Absence


Shared by anonymousdiariesofmine ” His scent. I can still smell it on my shirt. I keep smelling it and it feels so good that I want him right now, next to me. I… Continue reading

That Girl


Shared by christiepage “pando pandemonium” ” Oh how I didn’t want to be that girl. I didn’t want to be her with everything I had and so I tried. I forged. I struggled. I… Continue reading

When it’s just you


Shared by Mahek ” There comes a point where you realize that its JUST YOU who’s puttin’ in ALL the effort. He has no clue of how to lift this up. But neither… Continue reading

Unattainable man


Shared by timelessneek ” Do you know of the man who sold a thousand dreams? He dances a web and ebbs you in to whisper his loveless love stories. Don’t you know it’s… Continue reading

What a Man Wants


Shared by Deon ” I completely understand why women leave their men.  We’re stupid. We’re selfish.  All we think about is sex and food and status.  We want to feel successful  But I have… Continue reading

To the boys


Shared by Chibimoekko ” You’d have to be someone outside of school or work. You’d have to be a complete stranger, not my colleague, not my peer, not my student, and certainly not my… Continue reading

The prince, the princess and the not so charming


Shared by timelessneek ” A dreary day calls for popcorn and a marathon of your favorite romantic comedies. I was sitting through my second movie (P.S. I love you) tending to a snotty… Continue reading

A Holiday in France


Shared by anonymousdiariesofmine ” ( A Sequel of Him, my earlier post ) I knew that I shouldn’t. But I fell for you. You. You made me fall for you. But why? When you knew… Continue reading

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