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Percée Offers 30% Off for FHB Readers!


A perk of living in the Los Angeles area is that I know a few designer friends. My good friends at Percée heard about The Fickle Heartbeat and decided to offer our readers… Continue reading

Listicle Contest: Vote Here!


I hope you enjoyed the 3 finalists for the Listicle Contest! Finalist 1: 6 Signs You’re In It For The Long Haul Finalist 2: 5 Important Things to Do After a Break-Up Finalist… Continue reading

Oblivious Misunderstanding: Her-Him 1


Her Contrary to what he might tell you, it didn’t take too long for me to fall in love with him. His smile, his adorable ways of making me laugh, the cringe he… Continue reading

Share Your Listicle Contest Ends Today!


If you haven’t submitted your Listicle yet, make sure you do it today before midnight PDT! Click here for details. And Happy Labor Day!

Share Your Listicle with FHB for $100!


There are truly some great writers in the WordPress community and thanks to those writers, we’ve been able to feature some great posts on The Fickle Heartbeat. Thank you all again! I’d like… Continue reading

Heartbeat: I Like Someone


Miss Underst00d just shared her dilemma with us. Please check out her story and share your thoughts! ” I just went through a break up, he and I were together for two years.… Continue reading

Reader Story: Overthinker


A reader sent in this story to me and I think many of you here could help her out by providing your insights, thoughts, and perspectives. Please read through and share. ” Bubbles.… Continue reading

Monday Humor – Sleepy Puppies


What do tired puppies have to do with love, relationships, and dating? It doesn’t matter. Enjoy! Monday mornings….   We’ve been there too buddy… A+ for effort! Not sure if lazy or genius….… Continue reading

Contest Announcement


I gotta admit – I was a bit disappointed at the turn-out for our $100 Amazon Gift Card contest. We had 11 entries, 2 likes, and 0 shares! 😦 While the contest is due… Continue reading

His Past


I think it’s very unattractive when people talk badly of their previous relationships or anyone they were involved with. Clearly, they liked the person for some reason, and they probably had their good… Continue reading

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