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Heartbeat: Friends with an Ex


Is it possible to become friends with your ex? If so or if not, why do you think so? Here’s a story about a lady that wants to become friends with her ex.… Continue reading

Reblog: Why Fear can put you in the Friendzone


We had a recent Heartbeat post where our readers unanimously considered it a case of “friendzoned”. A day or so after posting that, I came across another great blog post where someone had… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: Age Gap


I’m 38 and my girlfriend is 24. My friends call me a cradle robber, but my girlfriend and I both don’t care – we’re a great match for each other. What’s generally an… Continue reading

Thank you to our Followers and Introducing a New Section: Heartbeat Mini


Dear Readers, Thank you so much for your support and love! In a little over three weeks since our first post, we were able to achieve 1000 followers! As of yesterday, we are… Continue reading

This Kind of Love


What I’ve realized after loving someone is that no matter how close we are, he and I are two completely different people. Just because of our label as a couple, or him as… Continue reading

Heartbeat: The Implants


Here’s another story from a guy. Sounds like he’s fallen in love! How do you interpret her actions? ” I’m a healthy 25 year old guy. I have a friend that I’ve known… Continue reading

Reblog: Men and Glam de Zoo


Are men intimidated by successful women? I came across this post recently by Glamdezoo. They’re a wonderful team from different parts of the world, and they shared an interesting perspective of how successful… Continue reading

Heartbeat: I like you but I like my Guy friends too


A reader sent in her story and is in need of your advice. Please read and share your thoughts! ” Hi, I just wanted to get some feedback on my recent, and only,… Continue reading



let’s close the door, lock it, and throw the keys away. Yes. “It’s those times when I feel that pang of guilt in my gut, yet I do nothing to alleviate it, but… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Friends with Benefits?


Here’s a story from one of our readers, Rye Soaked Feathers. Please take a minute to read through and vote/provide feedback. Thank you! “ The guy I had a real life crush on… Continue reading

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