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My heart is a black hole


Shared by Diana Georgia ” Time check. It is two in the morning. Great. It is still early. I think I can still stay up until five. I am listening and crying to a… Continue reading

Ghosts are real


Shared by noraroars ” A strange cold breeze tingles on my skin, my hair raises at the thought of an old memory that I thought was long subdue. This memory feels like a ghost,… Continue reading

There is no ‘i’ in team


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” Periodically I hear the saying “there’s no I in team”.  To that I say, really?  I mean, I understand the message behind it – don’t be selfish,… Continue reading



Shared by anonymousdiariesofmine ” The wind blows onto my face as I close my eyes and tilt my head back. The empty stretch of road in front of us feels inviting. I look at… Continue reading

A Letter to a Cheater


Shared by Diana Georgia ” The very first time I laid my eyes on you, I already knew you were bad news. You exuded a dark energy, and I was vigilant enough to notice… Continue reading

John Steinbeck’s Love Advice


Shared by Nina Rubin ” Maybe you’ve seen the letter floating around the Internet. John Steinbeck was a prolific writer and replied to his son, Thom’s declaration of love in a gorgeous, intuitive, supportive letter.… Continue reading

That’s what happiness is


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” Happiness. We all want to be “happy”, and much of our lives is spent in pursuit of happiness. But happiness can be elusive, or temporary.  One of… Continue reading

Would you take it back?


Shared by Chamian Cruz ” You, Don’t judge me for still thinking about you every once in a while. Please. Some days I just walk and smile at all the silly things you said.… Continue reading

The Rule of 3


Shared by Jarrod Brown ” The dreaded conversation. “We need to talk. I feel like things aren’t working out. We just need to be friends.” Silent tears begin to stream down the girl’s… Continue reading

Delightfully Weird


Shared by Abrightstarlight ” Dear Future Husband, I smiled and immediately thought of you when I read this from a book I’m reading by Mandy Hale.. “He was delightfully weird in the best… Continue reading

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