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Update on User Submissions


I just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve received some submissions to write for our blog and we will be reviewing them over the next week. If you don’t know what I’m… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Heart vs Brain


I’m sure many of you are well aware of one of the greatest struggles in dating, or life for that matter: Heart vs Brain. Your brain tells you what you should do, while… Continue reading

Reblog: In Love


Are you comfortable with being alone? Or do you feel the need to find a new relationship as soon as possible? Lindsey discusses being alone – its negative stigma and the importance of being… Continue reading

2K Followers! + Updates about our App


Good morning! So after posting our first article on April 15, 2014, reaching 1000 followers on May 20, we have now officially reached 2000 followers on WordPress (in addition to 490 followers on… Continue reading

Heartbeat: Obesity and Physical Attraction


Dear Readers, A young fellow reader shared her story with me so that she could gain some insight from other readers. Please read through and provide your feedback. It looks like she could… Continue reading

The Culprit


You were the reason of my despair, and you were also the rescuer from my despair. As quickly as I shone with your love, I was quick to fade when it seemed like… Continue reading

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