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Reader Story: True Love


One of our readers, newlife4good1957 has shared his story with me and asked that I share it with you. It’s a heart-touching story ” I just wanted to share something if I may. I recently… Continue reading

Lose, losing, and lost


Losing Realizing that I’ve lost something and actually going through the process of losing something… Which is worse? For me, it’s the latter. I hate the fact that I’m the one who made… Continue reading

Heartbeat: To Marry or Not to Marry


Some view marriage as a simple joining of two people that love each other. Some view it as something more – a union of two families to form one new family, earning several new responsibilities while… Continue reading

What’s your Best Pick-Up Line? Enter to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!


So The Fickle Heartbeat now has a Facebook page! It’s new… so we barely have any followers yet, and that’s why we need your help! Oh and you can win a $100 Amazon… Continue reading

Murphy’s Law (of Love)


First, you meet someone who treats you like you mean the world to him. You don’t know that you have it so good, so you take everything for granted. Then, you lose it… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: Rejection


Why do girls get crap when they reject a guy or friend when they ask us out? I’m not talking about some dude that’s trying to get my number at a bar, I’m… Continue reading



I’m so drawn to you. And whatever the reason is, I can’t fight it. You make my heart sing. The mere thought of you makes me smile. I love how you blurt out… Continue reading

Reblog: Miss Independent


While I don’t want to reblog too many posts encouraging people to be alone sometimes in a relationship blog (lol), it is definitely important to reflect and learn to love yourself. A strong… Continue reading

Heartbeat Mini: The First Move


I’m a 27 year old guy, I’d say I’m average looking and moderately successful in life so far. My problem: I can’t make the first move. I date girls often enough and am… Continue reading

Lyrics and Love


Lyrics and Love Have you ever wondered what happens after a love song ends? I’ve always wondered why there are more sad love songs than happy ones. Maybe when you’re happily in love,… Continue reading

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