I feel like I should’ve


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Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve; these are some of the most common words I hear from so many people when they look back with regret to certain situations where they didnt take a chance, which they now regret. They range from minor scenarios such as calling out of dinner plans last-minute, to bigger ones such as telling someone how much they mean to you before it was too late. And it’s precisely this one I’d want to focus on today.

Even when I’m not dealing with such a situation at the moment I constantly see people holding on to feelings and opinions instead of sharing them with the people they’re intended for, usually with the excuse that they will address it later on. But what If there’s no later on and this was your last chance to finally express how you feel?

It doesn’t even have to be something detrimental or a deep confession, but the point I’m trying to make is to always express your feelings and opinions as they come. Granted, sometimes you have to think twice before you open your mouth, but in regards to appreciation you shouldn’t even think twice about it.

You’re grateful for someone? Let them know. Appreciate someone’s existence? Tell them. Want someone to know how much you love and care for them? Now it’s the time! Even if its something that’s pretty much known don’t just assume the other person is aware of it. Take advantage of the present instead of thinking the future is the right time for it, and before “now” becomes the past you’ll always regret.

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