Unattainable man


Shared by timelessneek

Do you know of the man who sold a thousand dreams? He dances a web and ebbs you in to whisper his loveless love stories.

Don’t you know it’s cruel to mislead, and not mean, and create dreams, about all the things you said we could be?

Do you know of the man who hides behind masks?

He portrays all the ways he can be strong and never wrong a girl like you.

He paints pictures such beautiful pictures and leaves you withered, tethered to an idea that was never meant to be seen.

Be careful of that type of man.

He’s a charismatic man, but pay attention.

Just ask Anne and Cheyenne and Diane.

They’re still waiting, everlastingly patient

For the man, all American wonderful man.

But open your eyes and be surprised.

He’s not real.

The mirage disappears.

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