Happiness is My Writer’s Block


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

Words would once spill out of me like an overdose of caffeine from a broken coffee machine. They would pour out from my heart with such overworked sadness that my soul broke trying to hold it in its cup. It was always full – so, so full.

But now my caffeine addiction has subsided and I am not thirsty for more. I am content. I am free. I am energized from simply peace. And now this is a problem for me.

Heartbreak was my biggest muse, but now I no longer have you. I no longer need you. So the words have run dry because I have nothing more to say about what once was the only thing that mattered.

So, you see. Happiness is my writer’s block. I was fueled to inspire the broken and the helpless that were crawling for answers much like myself. I would write pages of words I didn’t believe, but hoped in my heart that one day maybe I would. Someday.


I look back at the girl who had the world taken away from her and rebuilt it with scarred hands. I am proud of her, and I am jealous of her way with words. I envy her naïve and trusting heart. But I am sad by how deep she fell and hopeless she wrote.

She always knew she would get out, but so strange to now read words of hers. I no longer feel them pouring through my veins.

So now what? How to inspire the world when all I want to do is keep on living in it?

So now what? When the lyrics of heartbreak had their last chorus and the melody is left without words?

So you see, happiness is my writer’s block. I no longer grab for a pen to give my ailing heart reprieve. I no longer fill pages to fill another type of void. Instead I listen.

I listen to the new life I am offered and the opportunities I was blind to. I hear beauty in the wind and I hear joy in the rainfall. I hear the world and its tune of Destiny. I listen to learn from the Earth, the past, and the others that heave left their words behind for us.

So now what?

I feel like I can still offer so much to the world and though my words this I could do. But I no longer need to. I worry this takes from my role of being a real writer, but maybe I just need new inspiration.

Will you be my muse?

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