One Look is All it Takes


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

I wish I could explain how it happens. To explain how when you look at me I fall into your eyes, and all I want to do is stay there. I want to be the only thing that you ever see. I want to be the beauty that you see in every doubt; I want to be the light you see in every dark moment. I want it all, to be your all, and I want it with you.

We burned of a fire that only grew. Our love was a smolder that overtook our hearts. Yet now I find myself in the ashes of us. I sort through the memories of tattered pages and photographs after havoc wrecked our fate. The lightest smog still sits in the air and I poison myself with hope.

I wish I could explain how it happened. To explain how I finally began to smile after disaster, and my laughs were audible to a crowd. When I finally started to walk with poise and move with grace. There was a moment when my heart was filled with dreams coated by my own happiness. But just like before, all it took was one look.

One look from your deep eyes made me want to crawl back into them. I wanted to crawl back into your soul to understand how you ever had the power to leave. I wanted to hear you screaming that you loved me amongst the silence. I wanted you to see me as you once did – the girl that changed your entire idea on love. I wanted it all, and I wanted it with you.

I wish I could explain how it happened. To explain how when you are near, it’s like you never left. Suddenly, it’s like our love story had turned a page. I forget you threw it away, long ago. Somehow it just takes you being here for me to fall for you again. It’s a different kind of love, though. It’s the kind of desperate love that leaves scars from reaching with nothing to hold onto. Sadly, it’s a hopeless kind of love where I’m left wishing you’d reach out, too.

You are my kryptonite. I may think that I am sound, but the moment I feel your gaze against my shoulder… I crumble. And if you were to go as far as to touch me, my skin would burn in memory of that fire. You would awaken the love that still lives deep and buried in my heart. You would rouse it, but it would have nowhere to go. Your gaze is locked with something I don’t recognize. So instead that fire will burn within me and create a monster of unrequited love.

And so I sit with this fire in my heart, and I don’t quite know how to put it out. I only wish that you would feel it too, because it’s getting cold here just hoping for you.

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