Why Fairy Tales Exist


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

Once upon a time a little girl learned of fairy tales and Prince Charming. She used to steal midnights under the covers with her book and a flashlight. She’d stare out of the window looking for a shooting star, searching for a dandelion on the sidewalk, and blowing out all her birthday candles – always with the same wish.

Yet, this little girl was never a damsel in distress, she wasn’t a helpless princess. This little girl didn’t sleep through life, she didn’t run from her troubles, and she didn’t let anyone tell her that she can’t. Yet at the end of every night, this little girl would still fall asleep dreaming of a happily ever after of her own.

Once upon a time this little girl grew up. And I’ll be damned if someone still tells her that true love does not exist “in the real world,” and that a fairy tale of her own isn’t just a page away.

Every little girl deserves her fairy tale…every little girl whose heart is still pure and skin is still tough. It shouldn’t come easily; it should come with being worthy of your dreams. It comes with being the person that your true love deserves.

So pity on those who have forgotten about the little girl; the one that used to read under the covers. Sympathy to those who have forgotten what it was like to believe in a happy ending. And shame on those who throw disapproval on those who still have hearts that are able to dream…

Because I still believe in falling in love the moment I look into his eyes. Because I expect to fall in love with what’s behind them, too.

Because I still expect the butterflies to float me off into the clouds when he says my name. Because I know I can get myself back on the ground.

Because I still want to interlace hands that melt into each other the way cotton candy does on the tongue. Because I don’t expect him to hold my hand through everything.

Because I still believe in finding a passion whose fire never goes dim. Because we’ll both take turns lighting the match.

Because I still dream of being treated like a priceless treasure. Because you bet I’ll treat you with the same fervor and care.

Because I still think that there’s someone out there that is perfect for me. Because he is the same beautiful mess as I am. And we’ll be a perfectly blended chaos together.

Because I still believe in everlasting love that can conquer it all. Because together our hearts will be the best weapon against fear, I the fire to your iron.

Because I still hope to find someone who stops wishing on stars because they found me. Because I know I’ll collect these stars and give them to the disheartened to offer them hope.

Because I still want the stolen kisses, unprovoked smiles, and echoing laughter that sweeps me off my feet. Because I want to share these world wonders through our entangled lives.

Because, you see, this little girl grew up. But as she grew, so did her heart. It was trampled, it was torn, it shattered and consecutively thrown. Every time, this girl’s belief on love got stronger. Because she knew if she could handle the dark, she would deserve the light. She knew this because she fought the dark every time she’d steal midnight to read her fairy tales.

So I’ll be damned if you tell me I won’t get my happy ending. Because I believe in you, wherever you are. I know were both walking through pages waiting for the chapter that our story begins, and I believe in a story that doesn’t end. I believe in happily ever after because that’s all I want to give to you.

Why believe so profoundly that this unbelievable romance is real? Because we’re reminded of true love every single night when the sun makes love to the horizon and a new day is born.

So wake up, little girl, and dream.

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