Heartbeat: Oh, Love… Why So Brusque?

Oh, Love… Why So Brusque?

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She so hates love that she found a word to describe its human-like attitude towards her: “Damn LOVE, why do you have to be so brusque!” She turned on the radio and a classic played… “A long and lasting love… Is what I’ve always dreamed of, And when I looked into your eyes, I knew I’d really seen love, A long and lasting love…” Okay, she pretended she did not hear that. Then she tuned in to another station just to be fed with another super classic, “Love is a many-splendored thing…” Seriously? She finally shut the radio off, “alright, I give up.”

Being in love per se is supposed to be a beautiful experience. That feeling, that loved one – everything around you makes you smile when you are in love. It makes the world go round, indeed. You are happy and positive when you are in love. It’s so wonderful that you hold on to the concept of forever. But what if this same love is the one that would bring you to hell? Actually, nothing’s surprising in it. We’ve all had a taste of this bittersweet heaven one way or another. Lucky if you had a long term relationship that you can cherish and learn lessons from. Though it ended, at least you were able to rebuild yourself after a miserable downfall. You could find reasons to continue.

Now how about this: you are the one who keeps on falling again and again? To you love is just so mean. Not ordinary mean but a special type of mean, a brusque one! Love comes to your life and you are lured by it, only that it leaves immediately. And worse is, in that short period, there was not a chance to enrich it. Very brusque – blunt and abrupt. And despite the hostility, you remained hopeful. In some sense, a short-lived love relationship may also be something you can learn from, but that’s a different story if it becomes repetitive and you run the same pattern, blunt and abrupt every time you try your luck with love. Wait, if it’s blunt then it’s not sharp so you are not pierced in the heart, right? Absolutely. It is not that stabbing pain but its evil cousin of being pounded again and again that will leave your heart bruised, beaten black and blue. So where will this take you? What will this turn you into? Will it make you numb? Will it traumatize you and make you distrustful? Will you become a non-believer? Will your faithfulness to true love be just a thing of the past?

If you were bruised once, twice or thrice and still tried again, don’t worry, you’re not a masochist. Maybe love has this sadistic character? No, just kidding. You emotionally invest only to find out that the people you choose to love just come and go. Hell yeah, because it can be trial and error. So even though love had been brusque to you every time for whatever reason, let it be. You are going to be alright. You see, you have healed each time. All that matters is that you don’t stop believing. It will get tired of being brusque and will change anytime soon. It is brusque in nature, after all – abrupt in life’s time scale.

OKAY, HERE’S THE THING: At the last part of my post, it appears that I’ve got a conclusion or even an advice. That’s because I wrote this as a project and was asked to give a positive ending. But since this is already in my personal blog with all my heart in it, my question is: Do you agree that it’s okay to try and try again even after having so many (or quite a number of) failed relationships? Or, would you consider quitting to do yourself a favor, thinking it will prevent you from losing self-respect and let you regain your whole self…

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